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Vindême is a négociant/ wine merchant company. We work painstakingly to select wines and showcase them for sale at the right price to aesthetes of wine from all walks of life.

As negociants, we partner around one hundred wine-growing families and brand owners, principally located in Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Champagne. Our selection features some of the most illustrious growths, whose names have made history in the wine world. We also offer a number of lesser-known gems whose great terroir and commitment to the long-term are building a fine reputation for them.

We can also help you manage your cellar, providing advice where needed and also supplying you with wines as well as buying back bottles from you.

Allocations directly from the estate

Mature wines delivered in bottle

A stock of 10,000 bottles



Not only will Vindême supply you with your favourite wines in the best conditions, we’re also on hand to partner you in the long-term. For example, private tastings are organised where you can refine your taste in wines and as a result enhance your purchasing. And we can also help you assess the value of your cellar/ wine collection and help you sell all or a part of it, if you should need to.



Ah, the pleasure of wine! Why not take part in our tailor-made/ bespoke events either in town or out in the vines, and in the good company of vignerons, wine writers and personalities -all aesthetes of wine like you. Enjoy opportunities not only to experience great wines but to turn the experience into a very special occasion. Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your wine passion.



Circumstances may sometimes dictate that you must sell a part of your wine collection. We can look after this for you, ensuring confidentiality and a fair evaluation. Rest assured that your cherished bottles will pass directly into good hands.

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An extract from the book Pourquoi est-ce un chef d’œuvre ? by Aurélie Labruyère and Julien Gacon, published by Eyrolles.

Great wine is the bridge between agriculture and culture. Its enjoyment brings an overwhelming sense of something good and beautiful.
Superficially, wine is simply the transformed juice of a fruit. But this fruit, that of the vine, holds great importance for us. The vine plant, a symbol of both nature’s virtues and man’s work, is a permanent source of pleasure and wonder. A glass of harmoniously balanced wine only exists because of the toil and repetitive, often thankless tasks carried out in the vines to extract from poor soil the fruit to produce this “work”.

Men of the vine depend on a special savoir-faire, one distilled from their understanding of a terroir and the experience of past vintages, to be able to perform this mysterious alchemy.
But, however many times these vineyard tasks are performed, each vintage is a new experience, since conditions are never exactly the same. Vine-growing is all about suffering, patience and risks. But when the skies are merciful, you can be sure, we wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

Great wine not only thrills our senses, it is also carries a symbolic value that can add to its wonder. Great wine is the culmination of a dream born in the mind of its creator. Its painstaking process observes a system of values and aspires towards a specific goal, subjected to critical scrutiny. The world of wine therefore becomes an aesthetic field; and our book becomes a kind of epistemology of wine production with its schools, breaks with the past, pioneers and visionaries.

Extract from the book Pourquoi est-ce un chef d’œuvre ?